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Reversing A Hair Perm


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Using a bad perm can cause damage your appearance and it can strip the hair of natural texture as well as color. But a perming process can be reversed by following few important steps which can also consume less time and help your hair from damaging.  A reverse perm with the help of a qualified and experienced hairstylist can easily remove the unwanted curl from your hair.
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First you must wash the hair immediately when it is too curly after a perm. Washing the hair can relax the perm and a deep conditioning treatment can loosens the curls that are too tight. You can also get help from a salon that specializes in reversing the perm process. You may also try to use a special chemical solution all over the hair for reversing the perm. The solution can be very much similar to the solution that is used to give a perm, but the rods will not be used. The solution must be repeatedly worked through your hair using a fine-tooth comb until the curl relaxation is present. Get tips from the hairstylist on how to take care your hair, but the main thing in taking care of the hair is by not using chemical processes for a period of time after reversing the perm. A reverse perm can be a little expensive process as it is mostly done in a saloon, but it is very important thing to do to avoid damage to the hair.
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