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Hairstyle With Centipede Braid


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A centipede braid is a very simple way of styling the hair which can be added to various numbers of braids such as cornrows and plates. It is one of the most unique way of creating a hairstyle that can be a perfect choice for a special event. Just follow this simple method to get this hairstyle.
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To create this hairstyle, brush the hair and spread a little amount of hair gel to control the flyaways. Then braid your hair using two, three or four strands. Try to create a loose or hanging braid close to the head. Add the head with a latch hook with one of first three weaves in the beginning of the braid and add the hook underneath the braid. Next bend the hair extension into half and hook it onto the latch hook. Pull latch hook back through the weave that it was inserted into to pull the hair extension through the braid. Try to pull the latch hook far enough to make it free of the weave. Now you can release your hair extension from hook ad put latch hook down. Balance your hair extension to make it appear equal on both sides of the braid. Tie your hair extension against the weave on which it was inserted through to make both the sides stay even. Continue to add hair extensions to both the sides of your braid using the latch hook till you reach the end of the braid.
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