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Methods To Seal A Micro Braid


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Micro braids are one of the best low maintenance hairstyle that is mostly worn by African-American women. This hairstyle can last from 6-12 weeks depending upon the way it is created. It is a type of hairstyle that can be worn curly, crinkly and straight or arranged in versatile styles. There are different ways to seal the micro braids without getting it unraveled.
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One of the most popular seal is using nail glue that can be used on human as well as synthetic hair. First braid the hair extension about two inches past the natural hair ends and seal the tip of your braid using a drop of nail glue. Avoid using the glue on your natural hair as it can damage the hair while removing the braid. Before taking the hair down, cut the sealed portion off and then take the braid apart from the point. The second method is singeing the braid tip and it must be done only with a synthetic hair. To do this, braid the extension about two inches past your natural hair ends and use a lighter to singe the tip. The synthetic material will start melting into a seal. In the third option, you must braid the hair and take a very thin strand from end of the braid to knot it twice around the tip. This process is known to be difficult to undo as you must cut the knotted portion before taking the braids out.
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