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Twist Braid Updo


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Twist braid updo can be a perfect choice for almost every occasion such as wedding, night out or a business meeting. This hairstyle can be created on your own without getting help from hairstylist by following few simple and easy steps.  It can be created with much less stress than other similar hairstyle, but you must have the necessary styling products to achieve this professional looking style.
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Begin the styling process by washing the hair and condition it with a preferred product. Then rinse out the conditioner and spread a leave-in conditioner all over the hair. Separate your hair into three different sections and secure each of them with a plastic clip. Take the clip from first section and apply a styling cream all over it. Start braiding the first section and then secure the bottom using a small hair tie. Take the second section to braid it is a similar way as the first one. Now take the outer braids and twist it by knotting it around index and middle finger. Secure the hair against the scalp using bobby pins and use the same method on the other two sections of the hair. Try to twist and knot the braids loosely to get a less-polished look. To achieve more professional look, twist your braids until they are tight to your scalp. At last mist all over the hair with a firm-hold hairspray will keep the locks in place during the day.
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