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Brazilian Weave Hairstyle


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Brazilian weaves are hair extensions that are added to the hair with small knots as it can reduce the risk of breakage. In this hairstyle, there is no need to sew loose hair extensions into the hair or braid directly into the cornrow. It is considered to be much safer, highly durable way of styling the hair and it also gives an overall natural appearance.
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First was your hair with a clarifying shampoo and avoid conditioning the hair. Leave the hair to dry naturally and brush it with a comb to get rid of any tangles. Divide the hair into four equal sections and part your hair down the center from forehead to nape of the neck using a rat-tail comb. Create a second part across your scalp from base of the right ear to base of the left ear. Try to twist each sections of the hair and secure it using a hair clip. Take the lower right section of hair and brush it completely. Collect a 1/4 inch smaller section from the hair and keep it in between the two extension halves. Start braiding the natural hair strands into hair extensions beginning from the scalp about 1/8 down the length to secure the extensions. Wrap two loose ends of hair extension thread around braid twice and leave the loose ends through the loop that was made by folding the extension thread into half. Use the same method on the other sections of the hair.
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