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Razor Cut Bob


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Razor cut bob hairstyle is a contemporary and stylish way of twisting the hair to achieve the classic bob. It is normally chin length in the front and framing the face with bangs as well as short at the back of your neck. This hairstyle will keep the naturally black hair looking healthy as well as stylish and it will also give more volume to the hair. It can give a youthful and alternative look for those who have an artificially colored hair such as gothic inspired blue-black hair. You can use a mousse and hair dryer to give this hairstyle more volume as well as to maintain its shape.
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This hairstyle is also created with thick or heavy layers on the head along with an artificial hair color. It can also look flat and shapeless sometimes, but it can be fixed by adding volume to the hair. Try to use styling products like mousse and hairspray which will maintain the shape of the hair as well as prevent it from looking dry. If you have an artificially colored hair, then wash it every two or three days and try to straighten it using an iron sparingly. This hairstyle has been very popular with alternative scenes like the goth, punk and emo. It can also give a classy flair to the hair of the people who wear professional or classic style of dress. This style can also make you look modern, sleek and stylish.
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