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Julie Pinson With Flippy Bob


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Julie Pinson is wearing a flippy bob hairstyle that is known to be one of the classic ways of styling your hair when it is short. This style can be achieved in different variations from flippy bob to classic bob. There are different ways in which it can be made such as a sleek, graduated or wavy. There are many celebrities who prefer this hairstyle when they have a short hair.
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The most worn variation of a flippy bob is called as the sleek bob which is worn with textured bangs and the hair will fall about 1-2 inches below your chin. To create this style, first layer your hair below two inches to make it look smooth as well as straight. Then spread a little amount of pomade over the bangs to make create flip at the ends of the hair. Next one is the graduated bob that can be made to look creative and funny. This style will give an un-styled as well as carefree look at the back of your bob which will be cut short and angled toward the front. Apply a molding cream to flip the hair ends outward to achieve this style. Finally wavy and flippy bob which is able to give youthful as well as sassy look. In this hairstyle, there will more number of layers added to the hair to prevent a flat look. Try using rollers and blow dry your hair to create this hairstyle.
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