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Methods To Groom Locs


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Hair locs usually needs extra cleaning and conditioning as the hair will be twisted that can attract more dirt as well as oil. It is very important to wash and condition your hair at least once in three to four weeks during the first three months of growing locs. Here are few methods to groom the hair locs.
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First wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo and stringent hair detergent will remove the build-up of previous conditioning treatments, gels and oils that will be trapped in the locked strands. After shampooing the hair rinse it completely and blot away the excess water with a towel. Spread hot oil over the damp locs that are available in prepackaged vials. Test the oil before using it over the head by keeping a solitary drop in the forearm and massage it into your hair. Apply hair gel on each loc, close to your scalp and roll it between the two palms to tighten the new growth. The hair near your scalp must be twisted around 2 or 3 revolutions and avoid over-twisting the hair. Separate the locs into four equal sections and part your hair down the middle starting from front to back and ear to ear. Spread one or two tablespoons of a setting lotion over each section of the hair. Now style your hair by twisting the two locs together to get a spiraled look and three locs together for a crimped appearance.
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