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Clipper Over Comb Haircut


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Clipper over comb haircut is a technique that can be a perfect choice for sides/sideburns and bottom area of haircut by your neck. This style is mostly worn by men as the hair will be cut short and there are only few women who like to wear this type of hairstyle. The comb plays an important role in this hairstyle as it determines length of the hair.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash and dry your hair completely. Start the clipper-over-comb method at the end of the haircut and keep the ends of your hair damp. Keep the comb in the less dominant hand and lift the hair in vertical sections at a 90 degree angle from the scalp. Start cutting the hair at the bottom of the section protruding between teeth of the comb. Move the clipper up and cut off any hairs which come out of the comb. To taper your hair to make the bottom shortest and top of the section longer, try to angle the comb. While lifting the vertical sections of hair, keep one end of the comb near your head and angle other end out. Continue to cut the hair in vertical sections around your head and start from bottom of the hairline by moving up gently until you reach bottom of the hair. Make sure to hold the comb steady during the cutting process to avoid any unevenness and you can also go back to cut the hair again.
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