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Roller Wrap Hairstyle


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The roller wrap hairstyle is a low maintenance style that is mostly created on ethnic hair. It can last for five to seven days after initial roller wrap. This hairstyle is an actual hair style that can be maintained and damage caused by the excessive heat is reduced. It is important to practice the roller wrapping to access ultimate in ease and style. Most of them prefer this hairstyle as it can last for a long time.
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To get this hairstyle, wash your hair completely using a shampoo and condition it properly. Then use a little amount of leave-in conditioner all over the hair to add extra protection. Mist the hair with a setting lotion and start rolling your hair into 1 to 2 inch sections when it is still wet. The rollers must produce a soft to moderate curl once it is removed. Keep your head under a hardhat dryer for about 45 minutes or until your hair is completely dry. Next remove the rollers and wrap your hair with a wide, plastic bristled brush around. Keep your head under the hardhat blow dryer for about two to five minutes to set the hair which usually depends on the thickness of your hair. Now you can unwrap your hair into the opposite direction in which it was wrapped and arrange it in the desired style. At last spritz all over the hair with a little amount of hairspray to end the styling process.
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