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Jena Malone With Wispy Bob


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Jena Malone has got a hairstyle with wispy bob that is a very unique way of styling your hair than the standard bob hairstyle. This style will be textured and look more flamboyant than when compared to the standard bob which is angular and bold. There are many celebrities who like to wear this type of hairstyle very often for special events. It can be styled in three different ways which includes a classic cut, an asymmetrical bob and a wavy bob.
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The most common hairstyle with a wispy bob is light choppy hair lengths that will have flicked ends and it also has a naturally bent curve on the shoulders. This hairstyle can give a versatile look and it will create extravagant flicks for volumized feel. The other way of styling your hair is by flicking it to make it look wispy along with a twist. In this hairstyle, the hair will be made to sit across your face unevenly without making it slant towards one side. It is mostly combined with bangs and along with blunt-cut bangs that will be placed in an uneven line across your forehead. The final way of styling your hair with a wispy bob is by adding maximum volume to the hair with texture without making it look striking. You can create any type of style on your hair, but finally spread a generous amount of hair gel along with shinning serum all over the hair including the locks.
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