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Flatten A Poofy Hair


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Poofy hair can be uncontrollable most of the time and trying to manage it can cause frustration. This type of hair can easily ruin your hairstyle a well as your day. You can control them by using the right combination of hair products and techniques to make it sit flat.
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The first thing is to get help from your hairstylist to cut the hair into thinned-out layers with thinning shears. This can decrease the amount of hair by making it rest flat on the head. Wash your hair using a shampoo formulated to control frizzy hair. There are anti-poof and frizz shampoos that contain moisturizers to control the unruly hair. Spread an anti-frizz serum or straightening balm to damp the hair after towel drying. This will prepare your hair for heat styling and it also helps to keep it flat. Blow-dry the hair with a low heat setting. Keep a large round brush over the root of your hair and turn it in a downward motion and point the blow dryer down. Move the round brush and hair dryer at the same time to straightening each section of hair. You can also straighten your hair with a ceramic hair straightener. But to do this, blow the hair dry completely and comb it through using a wide-toothed comb. Pin the hair up into sections using hair clips and straighten each section starting from root to tip. Finally mist the hair with a hairspray to flatten the flyaways.
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