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Maintaining Brazilian Blowout


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Brazilian blowout is a hair treatment that uses proteins of liquid keratin to add the hair with moisture and smooth the curls. It is important to follow the after-care method carefully if you are planning to take this treatment to make the most out of Brazilian blowout. This process can last up to three months with proper maintenance by following these simple methods.
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First avoid making the hair wet for two hours after the Brazilian blowout treatment. Use shampoo to wash the hair only after two hours or wait until the next day for better results. Use shampoo which is salon-recommended for maintenance after the treatment and it must not contain sodium chloride as it can strip keratin from the hair. Leave the hair as it is for about two weeks after the Brazilian blowout and avoid using hair color. You must also avoid swimming in salt water as it can strip away the keratin quickly. Leave the hair naturally for 24 hours after the Brazilian blowout and avoid using any additional styling products. Make sure to shampoo and condition the hair as usual only a day after treatment. Those who have a curly hair must use hair straightener to make the hair straight hair. You can also see that the hair will straighten in less time and the final result will be silky as well as shiny. If you have a wavy hair, it may turn out straight or even slightly less wavy.
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