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Yarn Braids Hairstyle


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Yarn braids are temporary hair extensions that usually involve braiding soft acrylic yarn into the natural hair. Using yarn which matches the hair color can be a perfect choice in this hairstyle or you can also use vibrant colors like red or purple. A ball of yarn must be purchased from a department or craft supply store. It is the best as well as an inexpensive way to keep the hair styled and protected.
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To get this style, first measure the length of the yarn braid that will be created using a measuring tape. Try to make them long or short as possible. Next double the length of the yarn and cut it with a scissor. You must have each piece of yarn in size of double the final length of your hair. Start cutting several pieces of yarn in same length and try to cut it based upon the progress of the braid. Keep the yarn out neatly next to the work area. Now comb the company with a brush to get rid of any tangles. Divide the hair into four sections and take one section of the hair. Keep the center loop of the yarn over the scalp underneath the one-inch section of hair and pull the hair through center loop. Next divide the hair and yarn into three sections for braiding both of them as usual till the end of the hair. Use the same method on the other parts of the hair.
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