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Hairstyle With Low Braid


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A low braid is a simple hairstyle where you will keep the braid lower using less hair to work with. This style is perfect for those who have fairly thin hair as you need to have knot that will be less bulky and it also needs less length to wind around itself.
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To get this hairstyle, first brush the hair to get rid of tangles and make it smooth as possible. Then collect the hair in your hands at the nape of your neck and divide it into three sections. Start braiding the hair down to the ends and tie it with the elastic ponytail holder. Take the braid at the middle and wind it around the base of your braid at the neck level. Try to wind it either direction and you must find it more natural to wind it in a counter-clockwise. Tuck the end of braid at the center of the bun that was just created and insert braid’s end at the back of your bun between the head as well as the twisted hair. Pull the end through at the front of your bun to make the tail hang free and excess sticks out of your bun. It can also be long enough to look similar to a ponytail depending upon the length of the hair. Add bobby pins in four places around your bun and take some of the hair near the roots inside the bobby pin to create the knot.
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