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Bettie Fringe Hairstyle


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Bettie fringe is a most worn hairstyle among many women which also includes celebrities. This hairstyle can be created at home without getting any help from a hairstylist. This style is very convenient for those who have a busy schedule or even young kids like it a lot. Just follow this simple method to get this hairstyle at home.
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To get this hairstyle, first get all the things that are used for the styling such as comb, smock, scissors and other products. Brush the bangs straight down and keep it dry always during the cutting process. Start cutting the bangs straight across using a sharp haircutting scissor in a straight line from one side of your bangs to the next. Try to cut the bangs to graze the eyebrows. Use the fingers or a comb to trace an angle from outside the edges of your bang to the middle to create an idea of how short the hair must be cut at the edges of bangs. This is used for the bangs to be kept shorter on the outside edges as well as longer in the middle. Begin at an outside edge and cut the bangs at an angle by getting longer in the area of your nose. Use the method of cutting on the other edge of bangs and make sure that the length of sides of bangs is same. The bangs must gently curve and get longer in the middle.
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