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Relaxers For Damaged Hair


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Hair relaxers are considered to be a main cause of the damaged hair, but some of them feel that the relaxer can make the hair straighter and more manageable. There are relaxers that are available with conditioning botanicals and it can be used on a damaged hair. It is important to follow the correct procedure for using the relaxer as it can still cause dame if it is not used properly.
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First deep condition the damaged hair a week earlier before using relaxer. Use a relaxer which is gentle and effective. Read the instructions written on the relaxer and look for the available items such as relaxer base, shampoo, mixing stick, gloves and activator. Now do a hair strand test after reading the instructions on the relaxer. Then start applying the relaxer and leave it about two to four minutes. Next wash relaxer from your hair using a lukewarm water and gently shampoo the hair before using the included reconstructing conditioner. Make the hair to air dry and while blow drying the hair, spread a heat-protecting serum or split-end protectant. If you are using a flat iron on your hair, spread a heat-protecting or flat-ironing serum when the hair is still damp. Make sure to avoid relaxing the hair for about eight weeks and use a deep conditioner bi-weekly till the hair returns to a healthy state. Damaged hair will be usually brittle, split and fragile, so you must take good care of it while using a relaxer.
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