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Turban Wrap


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A turban wrap is a very unique headwrap that can be accessorized with natural hairstyles. It is a type of style where your hair will be wrapped with a fabric or scarves to cover the head completely. This style can be a perfect choice for those who have a bad hair day as the wrap can cover your entire head.
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To wear turban wrap, first make the dreads to hang loosely against the head and pull all of them back of your head to make them hang on the sides and front. Take a square scarf and fold it into half to form a triangle and drape the triangle across the head starting from back to front of the head so the point is at the center of your forehead. Then pull the wrap tightly to make the point of the triangle to hang over your forehead and make the flat side of the triangle to line with the nape of your neck. Pull the ends of the triangle front on each side of the head and knot it together in the front of your head. The knot must be on top of the point of triangle and should still hang over the forehead. Now you can pull the triangle piece over the knot to tuck it behind the knot. Then twist the loose ends of the hair into spirals and tuck it under each side of the scarf behind your ears.
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