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Pigtail French Braid


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French braids are known to be the perfect hairstyle to keep the hair out of your face and it can also fix a bad hair day. There are different variations created with this hairstyle and one of them is the pigtail French braid that is considered to a better solution where the entire hair will be pulled back. It may look very difficult to achieve, but it can be created by following a simple process.
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To create this hairstyle, brush all of the hair to get rid of knots and part it down the middle of your head from the front of the hairline to back of the neck. Take the left section of hair to create a tight pigtail and hold it with a rubber band. Next take three small sections of hair from top of hairline on the right side and bring it over the middle section making the right section the middle section. Then take the left section of hair over middle section to make the left section as the new middle section. Collect some more hair from right side of your braid into existing right section and take the entire section over the middle section. Use the same method on the other side of the head. Continue the braiding process by adding strands of hair to three sections until you reach the end of the hair. Secure the hair at the bottom using a hair tie or a rubber band.
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