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Straight Short Bob


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Straight short bob can give a fashionable look for anyone who has it. This hairstyle is considered to be a timeless style that became popular during the 1920s. It has become one of the trendiest hairstyle in the present day where most of the women wear it on daily basis. This style can be created by following few simple and easy steps without getting help from a hairstylist.
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First wash and condition the hair as usual. Then towel dry the hair and brush it with a comb to get rid of tangles. Next separate the hair into four sections and secure it with hair clips. Start the styling from back section from end of the hair and work toward the sides. Keep the scissor at a 45 degree angle to cut the hair at the nape of your neck flat against your head. Cut the hair in a straight pattern and continue this pattern on all the section of the hair. While moving towards the front, keep the hair longer to create the signature bob cut. Then take the medium section of the hair and cut it in a feathering pattern. Cut the hair in this manner to make it fall evenly. Now cut a straight bob by moving across your hair, ear to ear. The ends must look even as well as flat and use the same method from top to the nape of your neck. Finally use a flat iron with medium-heat to straighten the hair.
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