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Swept Bangs With Extensions


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Swept bang are usually created with a scene hair which is a perfect choice for the hair that is just about your face. This hairstyle is usually created with the hair that is medium to long in length, but those who have short hair they can use hair extensions to achieve this style. This hairstyle is usually worn by celebrities and models as well as those who stay at home.
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To get this style, brush the hair extensions and rest of your hair to get rid of any tangles. There must be no visible lumps on your head where the extension has been used. Add a quarter-sized amount of styling gel in your palm and spread it all over the hair. Make sure to apply the hair gel from root to tip of your hair. Spreading the styling gel will make the extension hair to blend into the natural hair. Take a blow dryer in your hand and round brush in the other hand. Dry the bangs by using the brush to sweep your hair to a side. Comb your hair into the style which will result in smoother bangs and you can also use a flat iron for a slight bump in the hair end of the hair. The bang must start from side of your head and there must not be any definite part that swoops to the side. Mist the hair with a light holding hairspray to get into the look.
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