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Taylor Momsen With Grunge Hairstyle


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Taylor Momsen is wearing a grunge hairstyle that was first worn by musicians and fashion icons in the 1990s. It is a perfect choice of hairstyle suitable for both men as well as women at any age. This style can also give a casual wild as well as tousled look. This hairstyle can be worn as a braid and create a bun over your head than just leaving few wisps of wind-tousled hair to hang out of your head. Here is a simple step to create this hairstyle at home.
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It is very easy to achieve this look, first you must wash the hair a day before the styling process. Then mist all over the hair with a generous amount of heat-protectant hairspray. Brush the hair using a comb to spread hairspray all over the hair. Use the curling iron to straighten your hair and then separate a two inch section of hair on the left side of your head. Use hair clips to secure it with the rest of your hair. Now take a wide curling iron for wrapping the two inch section of your hair and leave it as it is 10-15 seconds. Try to wrap your hair around a barrel of straightening iron for creating curls. Next spread a little amount of hair texturizer in your hand to spread it all over your hair by breaking the curls for a natural look. Finally spritz all over your hair with a volumizer hairspray only if needed.
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