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Rachel Zoe With Fishbone Braid


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Rachel Zoe is wearing a fishbone braid is one of the variations of the standard traditional braid. This hairstyle looks similar to a normal braid and it uses about three strands. It can be a perfect choice to wear for a casual or any special event like weddings. This style is one of the most popular hairstyle among the teenagers along with medium to long length. Here is a simple method that can be followed to create this style at home without any difficulty.
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To get this style, first comb your hair to make it smooth and then collect a section of your hair. To begin the braiding process, take hair in your left hand and separate it into two different strands. Then take a small section of hair from the right side and include it into left hand strand. Take both the strands and then pull small section of your hair from left side over index finger to include it with right side strands. Now take both strands in your left hand and continue your braiding process. Push the right index finger up inside the rear part of your right strand and separate it into small section. Use your left index finger and then pull a small section from the rear of your left strand and include the newly separated section into the right-hand. Continue the braiding process until you reach the end of the hair and secure it using elastic ponytail holder.
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