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Puffy Afro With Straight Hair


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Puffy afro style has been the most popular hairstyle among African-American women from a long time. It is also known as the best hairstyle among many women because it gives a very unique look compared to any other hairstyle. This style is usually created on the hair that is curly, but those who have straight hair can also wear this hairstyle.
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To create puffy afro hairstyle with straight hair, first you must wash the hair using a shampoo and remove the excess of water with a towel. Then spread a volumizing mousse all over the damp hair and leave it to dry naturally. Start curling the hair with a curling iron when it becomes completely dry. Divide the curls to create volume using a fine-toothed comb by backcombing the hair. Backcombing is usually done by running the comb from tips to the roots of the hair about two to three times. Now you can shape the afro using your hands and make it as round as possible. Mist all over the hair with a hairspray to keep it in place. Roll a leg of stockings into the long strip and try to pull each end of the hair to tighten the wrap by push a creative hair band. Take both the ends up to the crown to crisscross them and pull it back down one more time. Try to knot them together in place at the nape of your neck to end the styling.
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