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Fixed Grecian Braid


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Creating a hairstyle with Grecian braid can give a great look on any kind of hair from short to long. There are many versions that can used to create this hairstyle and one of them it called as the fixed Grecian braid. There are many celebrities who wear this style for special events because it can be created very easily and give beautiful look.
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To create a fixed Grecian braid, first part the hair across top of the crown in straight line and collect the rear section of hair into a hair clip. Next comb all of your hair in front of the part to a side of the face with your smaller or less vibrant eye. Then take three strands of the hair near the roots and at the end opposite to the loose ends. Lift the hair up about three-quarters in that area and cross the rightmost strand over center strand, cross the leftmost strand over strand to its right. Continue this process until you reach the end of the hair. Now include hair to each strand by increasing the size of each strand. Resume this process by progressing horizontally across your crown towards the opposing ear. Secure the end of your braid in place or you can continue it till the end of the hair before progressing to the loose braid. Now the loose braid can be wrapped and secured across the first braid to create a thicker style.
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