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Short Hair Wrap


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Hair wraps are usually with by many women having textured hair to create a straight hairstyle without any heat styling tools. The hair can be wrapped in between the relaxers to stretch a new growth as well as to prevent damage from relaxer applications. The hair which is short hair can also be wrapped even if it doesn’t reach around the head. Here is a simple process that can be helpful in creating this hairstyle at home without any help.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash your hair and spread a setting lotion all over. The lotions can be essential to wrap shorter hair as they add slip to the hair to clump it together in a wrap. Then brush the hair straight down from center of the head and make sure to comb it clockwise in a circular motion to work all the way out from center to create a hive. Next spread a dollop of wrap lotion in your hands and apply it around the wrap to hold it in place. Use a wrap lotion to apply it at the back of your hair and then smooth it straight down. Now keep your head under a hooded dryer with medium heat for 45-60 minutes to make the wrap dry. Try to spread few drops of serum into your hair which will loosen the wrap. Brush the hair out of your wrap in a clockwise motion to style it as per your desire.
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