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Hiding Dark Hair Roots


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Having dark hair roots can be very disturbing for most of them as it can spoil a good colored hair. In this, there will be a dark stripe across your head that can give a very annoying look. There are different ways that can be followed to hide dark hair roots, but you can follow this simple method to do it.
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First, avoid washing the hair as it can make the hair color to become weak. If you want to wash the hair use a shampoo and apply the conditioner. Blow dry bottom of the hair by running your fingers through it. Comb the hair with a paddle brush from the root and pull hair up away from the head. Then blow dry the hair and backcomb the roots.  You can also make a straight part that can be created to add spotlight on the dark roots. Drag the comb in a loose zigzag way along your part and keep it messier to look good. Keep the part on the other side of the natural part for a unique look. Try to accessorize the hair to hide the dark roots and pull the hair back to create a ponytail. Use a headband or scarf over the hairline and match it with an outfit to change the entire look. Always wear your hair into a 1970s based hairstyle and you can also wear a hat to cover the dark roots of the hair.
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