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Classic Taper Haircut


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There are different ways of cutting the hair and the some of them are considered to be very basic. A taper cut is also created with a basic steps that is called as a classic taper that has short hair at the bottom of the head and increasing in length as you move on top. Most of the people usually think that this hairstyle need a little bit of practice to achieve with the clippers, it can be done very easily.
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To create this hairstyle, first divide your hair into four different parts such as the first one to cover all the hair on top of the head which will be the longest, second one right below that and where one would wear a headband. The third part will be below that and the fourth one will be the lowest region of hair above the neck. Set the clippers to the length that you want for the first part such as four inches and pass the clippers over the first part until the hair becomes even. Go to the second part of the hair using the correct setting on the clipper and start moving it from the back of your head to the front on both left as well as right sides until it gets even. Now adjust the clippers for the third part and do the same till your hair is even. At last set the clippers for the fourth part and do the same.
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