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Juliette Lewis With Bandanna


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Juliette Lewis is wearing a hairstyle with bandanna which is a perfect choice during a bad hair day. In this hairstyle, there will be a large piece of cloth used over the hair. It can easily change an old hairstyle into brand new style that can be attractive for anyone. This style can also protect your hair from the sun and other dust particles which may affect the hair. The bandanas can keep your hair in place for a long time without needing any touch up.
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There are many women who wear this type of style as it can be created very easily and the bandanna can give a unique look on any type of hairstyle. To wear a bandanna, first keep it on a flat surface and then take two sides it to fold it as per your desire. There are different ways that can followed in wearing bandanna  such as a head band look which can be achieved by rolling the bandanna with one inch wide surface or tie your hair back as a low bun along with the bandanna. Most of them also keep the base of bandanna after making a triangle over the scalp of the head using two lower points that is used to create a tie. You can also use a neatly folded cloth and then tie it across the head. Make sure that the knot is kept at the bottom of your head under the ponytail or a bun.
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