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Katie Cassidy With Hippie Hair


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Katie Cassidy is a wearing a hippie hair that is one of the most popular hairstyle of the 1970s.This style is very simple and easy to achieve this with any type of hair. It can give a beautiful look if your hair is long or medium length. Most of the women will part their hair in this hairstyle from the middle of the head. There are many people who will try to wear a dress that matches the hairstyle to achieve a perfect look. Here is a simple and easy process to get this hairstyle
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To create a hippie hair, first you must pull about half of the hair on top of the head and secure it in place as you start the styling process from the bottom section of your hair. Try to use a waving iron for clamping one and half inch section of your hair at the bottom for just two seconds. Next take out the iron and use the same method on the other part of your hair also. Then take the top half of your hair that was secure and use waving iron with the same procedure. Now you can make a middle part of your hair on the head and then place an elastic headband on top of your head. Finally scrunch the hair with your fingers to make it wavy and sprtiz all over the hair using a shining hairspray to get into the style.
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