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Simple Double Bun


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A simple double bun is a hairstyle that is mostly worn by kids. This style is also liked by teenagers as it can give a youthful look. Most of the women wear this style if they want to create a hairstyle within few minutes. If you are planning to experiment with your simple bun hairstyle, first you must be able to create a simple bun and then try out something different with it. Just follow this simple procedure to create a simple bun before going to the next step.
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It is very simple and easy to create this style, first you must part the hair in the middle of your head with the help of a rat-tail comb and also part the back of your hair at the middle. Next pull the hair to create two pigtails and hold it in place with a hair tie. To create high buns, pull the hair to create the pigtails above the top of your ears and for low buns, keep your pigtails above the nape of your neck. Start twisting your first pigtail into a circle around your hair tie to create a bun and make sure that it has been perfectly placed on your head without looking messy. Use bobby pins through the bun to secure it in place and make it sit on your scalp. Use the same method on the other side of the hair which was used to create the second pigtail.
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