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Cornrow Dreads


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Dreadlocks are usually created with a matted hair and this style can be created using at least three inches of long hair. The dreads can be worn in different styles and one of them is a cornrow. The cornrow dreads is a basic way of styling the hair where it will be in patterns or secure for easy maintenance. Here is a simple method to get this hairstyle at home.
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To create cornrow dreads, first divide the dreads at the crown of your hair into three parts and secure it with a ponytail holder. Dreadlock cornrows are similar to regular cornrows that are braided to create patterns. Start braiding the three parts of dreadlocked hair at the top of your head. Use hair gel to keep the cornrow in place. Continue to separate your hair into sections of three dreads and then braid it close to your scalp. Braid cornrow till the end of your hair and each braid will stop at a different place as the dreaded hair will be growing in zigzag patterns. Use a rubber band to wrap it around the end of your cornrow or you can use bobby pins to keep the cornrow in place. Continue to maintain your dreads by washing it weekly and using the hair wrap at night to keep the hair neat. Try to use dread hair oil to keep your hair conditioned and this will help to prevent dryness to the hair.
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