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Side Mohawk Hairstyle


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A side Mohawk is a very unique way of creating the hairstyle without shaving the half of your head. It  is one of the modified versions of the Mohawk hairstyle that can be created with medium to long hair. You can also wear it as a weave with different color options.
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To get this style, first make a part down the middle and brush out the right section of part line. Then take the section of your hair upward toward part line and divide it into small half-inch wide section. Start braiding each section of the hair into cornrows towards the part line and secure it using elastics. Now take the right section of hair about half inch wide all the way along your part line to braid it and separate the remaining hair into one-inch section. Braid each section of the hair at the part line and move towards downward. Next take all of your braid into one hand above the right ear and twist it together. Keep the twisted braids flat against the head to use a needle to weave it in and out of the braid. Keep the edge of your weave on top of the braid over the part line and sew it into your hair from the front hair line. Make a stitch about 1/4 inch till the end of the weave and for extra weave that is left at the nape of your neck, fold it over, back along the previous section.
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