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Taraji Henson With Sassy Bob


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Taraji Henson is wearing a sassy bob hairstyle that is a classic way of styling the hair. This hairstyle is mostly worn by kids as it can give them a cute look, but most of the women also prefer this style which also includes many celebrities. It can give a great look for young girls as it contains bangs which will be cut straight across the eyebrows with chin-length hair over the head. It is easy to achieve this hairstyle with a razor cut that can create a soft texturing around the face with different lengths.
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To create a sassy bob hairstyle, first try to straighten your hair using a flat iron. Next use a razor comb to brush the sections of your hair from layers towards strand of the hair. The length of this section must be about 1 inch from the layers and 1/4 inch for finer layers. Try to cut your hair as short as the crown of your eyebrow. Use the same method to the other section of your hair and comb it well with the fingers. Avoid cutting your hair from the bottom layers as it can make the length of the hair short. Finally sprtiz all over your hair with a styling hairspray and shake it fully using your hands. You can also use a hair wax to curl your hair ends and mist all over with a shining spray in case the hair is straight.
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