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Panel Haircut


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A panel haircut is a very unique way of cutting the hair that is part of a layered haircut. In this hairstyle, the bottom layer of the hair will be the shortest instead of being the longer one in a normal layered haircut. The hair will be cut from underneath and the layer will be cut longer to make it fall over the short layer. This will help the lower levels to lift up and give your hair more volume. It is a perfect choice of hairstyle for those who have a very fine hair, because it helps your hair to maintain its style.
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To get a panel haircut, first tilt your head down to make the chin rest on the chest. Then spritz all over the hair with water and comb it fully from nape of your neck toward the forehead. Make a small horizontal section about two inches up from your neck and leave this part of the hair loose while clipping rest of the hair away from the styling process. Start cutting the first panel of hair to its length which will be the shortest panel. The length usually depends upon the haircut and current hair length. Then take another horizontal section of your hair about two to four inches over the first and cut it about half to one inch longer than first panel. Continue the sectioning process by cutting the panels until you get the specific hairstyle.
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