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African Braids


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Braids are one of the most hairstyles among many women as it can give a simple as well as unique look. Braiding can also be done by weaving hair extensions to the tresses. African braids are hairstyle that requires a lot of patience to create and the time required to achieve this style depends on the length of the hair extensions as well as thickness of the braids.
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To create African braids, first decide about the size of the braid. Longer braids are created as usual, but the smaller braid must be created tighter to hold the hair in place. Now divide the hair into several sections with a rat tail comb and avoid having a lot of wispy hair. Take a section of hair and hold the remaining sections with hair clips. Then loop a piece of synthetic hair with the first section and other section must be fastened with a rubber band. Add the loop close to roots of the hair. Next separate the hair into three parts using the hair in the middle and synthetic hair on both the sides. Start braiding the hair using three-way plait method and take the synthetic hair from the left section under the real hair over other synthetic section. Take this synthetic section over your real hair and the real hair must go over the first synthetic hair. Continue the braiding process until you reach the end the hair. Finally secure the ends with a rubber band.
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