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Miley Cyrus With Rosette Bun


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Miley Cyrus is wearing a hairstyle with a rosette bun which is known to be an Easter hairstyle and it is mostly worn by kids. In this hairstyle, there will be a bunch of small buns which will be clustered together on the head. First you must to create a standard ponytail and then small sections of hair are twisted as well as pinned in place to achieve a Rosette Bun. It is very easy to create this style, but you must make sure the hair is at least shoulder length. This style is known to be the best way to change the hair into a fun looking hairstyle. Here is a simple procedure to get this hairstyle.
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To create this style, first apply a generous amount of hair gel all over your hair to create more volume at the crown. Next separate your hair into three individual sections with one on each side of your head and one at the back of your head. Now take one section from side of your head and divide it into two. Start twisting both the sections clockwise and then pull it at the back of your head. You must start twisting those two twists in a counterclockwise together which can be added to the rosette by wrapping it around the rosette and pin. Use the same method on the left out section of the head by twisting it and securing it around the rosette.
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