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Crown Twist Braid


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Crown twist braid is a very unique way of styling the hair for special occasions. This style can give a beautiful look for anyone who wears it, but the hair must be long enough to achieve this hairstyle perfectly. There are many celebrities who like to style the hair in this manner for special events as it can give a grand look.
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To get this style, first make a deep part at the left side of your head. Take a small section of the hair to form a rope braid by twisting both the strands of hair to the right side and cross the front strand over back strand to keep the twist from unraveling. Continue this process by adding hair to the front side of the hair and while twisting the hair make sure to keep it close to front of your face. Then move around above the opposite ear and near the nape of your neck. Take the end of your rope twist and wrap it around the start of the twist in front of the head gently by placing it directly behind your original twist. Now tuck the twist under front twist to create a look of the seamless braid and add bobby pins to hold the hair that comes out of the head. At last spritz all over your hairstyle to get into the look. You can also add a flow or any other hair accessory to style this hairstyle.
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