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Dealing With Overly Thick Bangs


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Overly thick bangs can make some of the hairstyle look messy and it can be controlled easily by following the right method. There are layering techniques that can thin out and control the bangs. One of the easiest way to get rid of excess bulk from your hair without removing the length off is by using thinning sheers. The thinning shears are also known as thinning scissors which are just like normal scissors that have jagged blades which can cut random strands of the hair with each snip.
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To control the overly thick bangs, wash the hair fully and leave it dry on its own as the thinning shears are good only for dry hair. Then brush your bangs forward to make it lie smooth over the face. Secure the rest of your hair out of the way using elastic or bobby pins. Next snip your hair once and take the shears carefully to prevent snagging the hair. Start brushing the snipped segment to get rid of the loose hair. Continue to snip the small segments of hair by working along the entire size of the bangs. At last brush the bangs through to check the layers. To get a gradually tapered finish try to make a second round of the snips about two-thirds around the hair. Make sure to make one snip at a time per segment and do not overlap the segments to avoid removing too much hair on the same area.
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