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Hairstyle With Invisible Part


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Invisible part can you to part the hair to a side or down the middle of your head by laying down the tracks from the extensions down on the part. It is a simple trick that can help to cover up the wefts to make it look real and not artificial. Most of the women like to style their hair in different ways and this is one of the methods that can be used to get a unique hairstyle.
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To achieve this hairstyle, first part the hair in a section where the part will be created. To swoop the hair to the left or right, try to sew the quick weave as usually by laying the hair down and using the tracks until you reach the area where the part is created. Cut the extension tracks into small pieces about half to one inch long and divide the tracks if it is double sewn by using a razor blade. Use a bonding glue to keep tracks diagonally and fill U shape around entire crown of the head. Keep each section down using the glue starting at the forehead and make sure to keep the track close to the other to make it look natural. Now mist each row with a hairspray and blow dry it in between. Keep the tracks around the entire perimeter and closer to each other to achieve better results. Finally blow dry the hair fully and style it as per your desire.
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