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Busy Philipps With Sock Bun


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Busy Philipps is wearing a simple sock bun that is a beautiful and easy way of styling your hair for a formal event. This style is also known as a doughnut bun and it will be shaped around a tube sock. It is a perfect choice for the hair that is medium in length which can be as a worn everyday hairstyle. To get this style, there are few important things that must be used such as a dress sock, bobby pins and a pair of scissors. Just follow this simple method to get the sock bun hairstyle.
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To create a sock bun, first cut a tip of the sock and start rolling it from the toe hole towards the fabric via the opening which will make it look similar to a sock doughnut. Then take the hair just like a ponytail and pull it through sock doughnut which was created. Try to go for a high bun in case you want to create this style for the first time and keep a sock in place before making the hair to fall outside. Now take an elastic band in your hand and place it over your bun to keep the hair under the sock. If you are planning to create a small bun, then twist the elastic band and double it over your bun. At last lift your hair at the bottom and hold it in place with bobby pins around the base of your bun.
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