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Natural Hair Coloring


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There are hair dyes that can be used to add color to your hair, but it will contain chemical ingredients like ammonia and peroxide that can damage the hair. But there is another option that can be used to color the hair naturally and most of them prefer this. There are products such as henna and natural hair dyes which can protect and strengthen the hair. Avoid using the henna to color the hair if you have gray hair.
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Use henna to color the hair which is a natural plant product that is normally available in a dry powder form to color the hair. Mix henna powder along with boiling water and follow the directions written on the powder package. Then mix one cup of water along with one cup of henna powder. Test your hair from the hairbrush to see how long you will need to leave henna paste on the hair. Most of them will recommend leaving the henna for about 2 to 3 hours. Next rinse your hair to check the level of hair color. Now spread the henna paste all over the head using the squeeze bottle. Make sure to wear gloves while applying the henna and the hair must be covered from roots to ends. Cover your head with a plastic wrap and leave it for 6 to 8 hours. Finally rinse the hair using cool water and dry the hair before styling as per your desire.
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