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Taking Care Of Brassy Roots


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Brassy roots can look on some of the women, but most of them would like change it. There is no need to get upset with this as it can occur while trying to lift the roots more than three shades lighter to its natural color and even when the hair reacts to other external factors such as sun or hair products. It is very easy to deal with brassy roots and there is no need to wait for the hair to grow or to get help from a hairstylist.
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First wash the hair using a toning shampoo as the brassy roots are caused due to color loss. You can even out the tones by the washing the hair along with toning conditioners and hair styling products. Wash the hair about 2-3 times a week with the shampoo. Use a shower filter to protect your hair as it can remove the chlorine and iron deposits which can negatively influence the hair color. You can take care of the brassy roots by using a brass-banishing hair product. This product is available with a handy brush which allows you to treat your hair roots only. Most of the women who have graying roots will be using this hair product as it is specially designed for a resistant-gray hair. If you have color the hair at a salon, ask your hairstylist to neutralize the brassy roots. Avoid swimming in a chlorinated pool as it can make the hair look brassy.
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