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Hairstyle With Spiral Perms


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Spiral perms can be the best way to make your hairstyle look unique. The chemicals used in perming lotions have been made to enter the hair shaft to alter the keratin and it loosens inner layer of your hair. The spiral perm has the same chemicals which are found in a regular perm, but the difference is in the winding. Just follow this simple method to create this hairstyle.
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Start the styling process with a clean and wet hair. Then separate your hair into four different parts such as top, sides and back. Secure the back section by leaving 2 inches on the top of your neck down. Put in three rods on the right and start at the bottom using spiral perms. Wrap the first rod by starting at the bottom of the rod and cover the ends of your hair with a paper which will be provided with the perm. Wind your hair up the rod just like a corkscrew and bend the rod up to fasten to the other end. Take the next row at the back and increase the rods to four across. Continue the winding process till you complete the back section. Use the same method on the other two side sections and wind the top. Use gloves to apply the perming lotion and rinse the hair with warm water after sometime. You can set the timer as per your desire and then rinse the solution with warm water.
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