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Elvis Updo


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Elvis updo is a very unique way of styling the hair that is short to medium in length. Creating this hairstyle can consume lot of time and you must also put a little more effort along with practice than any other hairstyle.
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To create an Elvis updo, first cut your hair and dye it jet black. Then make your hair straight using a hair straightener and straighten about one inch sections at a time. Make sure that the entire hair has been straightened to create this hairstyle perfectly. Next wash the hair and rinse it well. Avoid blow drying the hair and try to pat dry it with a towel. Spread a hair gel over the head to slick the hair back and starting with the sides, above the ears. To add more volume at the top, try to comb the hair on top of your head and make it to fall back towards the head. Brush both sides of the hair straight back using a narrow-toothed comb and brush the top section straight up to make it fall backwards again. Now you can brush the sideburns down on the sides as low as possible and apply a hair gel to keep the strands in place only if required. Flick the comb on a small section right above your forehead and leave loose strand of hair out of the hairstyle. At last sprtiz all over the hair with a hairspray and leave it for few minutes to set.
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