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Nicole Scherzinger With Top Reverse Roll


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Nicole Scherzinger has got a top reverse roll hairstyle that is a unique way of styling your hair. This style was started in the 1940s where most of the women used to wear it. It is a much similar hairstyle to the pompadour, but this one is easy to create. Most of the celebrities like to style their hair in this way for special events. Here is a simple and easy process that can helpful in achieving this style.
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It is very easy to create this hairstyle, first set your hair in the roller and try to roll your hair away from the face. Leave the hair for around 60 minutes and then remove the roller. Make a section on the sides of your head from front to the back of your head. Create a rectangular patch of your hair that can hold on top of your head. Then comb the section forward to secure your hair on both sides of the head using bobby pins. Start rolling your hair loosely at the back of your head and make the ends stay inside the hair roll. Finally secure the roll on top of your head and spritz all over with a hairspray. You can also use a single weft of the hair clip in your hair extensions to create this hairstyle and avoid using the rollers on the extensions. You can use your hands to roll your hair without using the rollers.
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