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Hairstyle With Synthetic Cornrows


synthetic cornrows synthetic cornrows2
Cornrow braids are hairstyle that is secured to the head in rows. This style can be created on any type of hair, but in case the hair is too short try to attach synthetic hair. Synthetic cornrows can be worn by anyone who feels their hair short to create natural cornrows. This style can be worn by both men and women to get a unique look.
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To get this hairstyle, make a vertical part on both the side of your head. Then secure all the loose hairs using bobby pins and also secure some of the parted section with an elastic band. Next take the synthetic hair and brush through it to get rid of any tangles. Try to fold the synthetic hair into half and keep one half in your hand and other half in the other hand. Keep the synthetic hair on your hair with the elastic band on it and make sure it loops around the hair which has the elastic band. Now there will be three lengths of hair such as left synthetic length, middle length with real hair and right synthetic length. Braid the synthetic hair into the real hair by taking right synthetic length over the top of the middle length. Then take left length of synthetic hair over the top of middle length of hair. Take right length of the hair over middle synthetic length and continue this process until your reach the end of the hair.
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