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Reversing A Thinning Hair


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Reversing a thinning hair can be a difficult process for most of them, but it can be done by following a simple method. This procedure can help to re-grow the hair thicker as well as stronger. There are different issues that can be the reason behind the thinning hair such as medical issues. Here are few simple things that can useful to thicken your hair.
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The most important thing is to consume foods which are high in protein like Omega 3’s and B vitamins. Follow a well-balanced diet and try to eat servings of fish as well as lean proteins every day. Take a multivitamin that has Zinc and Biotin which are the basic building blocks to promote healthy, beautiful hair. Get daily scalp massage which can help to stimulate the blood flow to your scalp that can in turn promote hair growth. Use a thickening shampoo to wash your hair which can add volume and temporarily give a boost to the hair until it re-grows. Get help from a doctor to look for problems with the thyroid which can cause hair loss and thinning. Consult an endocrinologist about synthetic hormone Synthroid as it can help to reverse the hair loss by balancing hormonal levels. There are different times such as during hormonal changes from childbirth which can cause temporarily hair fall. Those who have recently given birth can expect the possibility losing the hair until the body re-adjusts to the pre-pregnancy hormonal levels.
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