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Bonded Hair Weave


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Bonded hair weave is a perfect way to ramp up the hairstyle by adding length along with a hot new look. It usually takes some time as well as flexibility which can be done at home without getting help from a hairstylist.
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Start the styling process with a clean and dry hair. Take the weft and hold it up to your head by allowing about half inch on both the side for a natural perimeter hairline. Use a rat tail comb and select the first section of your hair which will be used as a base on which you will bond the weave. Twist rest of the hair up and secure it at the crown using duckbill clips. Keep the shortest piece of extension on the protected surface with inside of weft facing up and look for tiny bit of fringe across the length on one side. Use a thin layer of weaving glue over the edge of the weft. Now keep the weft taut between your thumb and forefinger and apply the weft across the hair section glue-side down. Use a hair dryer set with high heat and aim it directly at the glued area. Dry the hair completely and use the same method on each row of the hair as desired. Make sure that the glue is set for at least one hour before washing the hair to regain the natural texture. You can also try tp trim and blend the hair with shears.
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