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Single Braid Weave


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Single braid weave hairstyle is mostly worn by African American women and it is usually created with single braids that include a number of other hairstyles. This style can be worn down as a ponytail and even more elaborate updos can be created with it suitable for formal events. Creating this hairstyle is not so difficult as it looks, but it can be time consuming.
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To get this style, divide the weave into one small section about one square inch in size. Take the rest of your weave away from the section of hair which will be used for braiding. Next divide the small section into three different sections and keep it at far right in the palm of right hand, middle section between your thumb & forefinger in the right hand and section at far left between your thumb & forefinger in the left hand. Then cross the section at far left over middle section to collect it under the crook of your middle finger in the right hand and move the middle section to your left hand. Now take new middle section between the thumb and forefinger in your left hand to cross it at the far right over middle section. Try to collect the hair with the crook of your middle finger in your left hand and move middle section to the right hand. Continue this process until the entire section is completely braided and mist the hair with a hairspray.
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